Wood Carvers


Date: 1167-68

The wooden miḥrāb of the Maqam Ibrahim in the Aleppo Citadel was created by Maʿali b. Salam in 563/1167-68 … read more


Date: c. 1155

Muhammad b. Ahmad b. ʿAbd Allah is recorded as having made in c. 550/1155 the cenotaph for a tomb traditionally held to be that of Sukayna, daughter of Husayn b. ʿAli … read more


Date: 1302

The minbar of the Congregational Mosque of Hama was completed in 701/1302 and contains an inscription naming the artisans responsible for its construction and ornamentation. ʿAli b. Makki and ʿAbd Allah Ahmad … read more