Date: c. 1990

The craft of the silversmith has declined to near extinction by c. 1900. The reasons for this can be attributed to complex layers of social, economic, and cultural changes, including the fact that silver has lost its importance … read more


Date: 1892-93

During his visit to the sūq of the old town of Damascus Albert Terhune (d. 1942) mentions the street of the silversmiths. He describes this as short and with a door that separated it from the main street. He also observes that the artisans did not make objects … read more

Deir ez-Zor

Date: c. 1930-1990

Silversmiths in Deir ez-Zor prior to the 1930s were primarily Jewish, but after their migration to Palestine, most who practice this craft were Muslim and some were Armenian Christians. Silversmith had declined to … read more