Nabk: Scribes

Arabic: khaṭṭāṭ

Date: 1095

An Arabic inscription in the monastery of Mar Musa al-Habashi, near Nabk, appears below a painting of St Simeon Stylites dated 488/1095. The inscription was written by a person identified as ‘Hunayn the calligrapher’. No further information exists to help confirm the identity of this person. See also: Calligrapher; Engraver of seal rings; Engravers of inscribed plaques.

Citation: Toueir, Kassim, ‘Appendix II: The Arabic Inscriptions’, pp. 156-79 in Erica Dodd (with Leonard Chiarelli, James Martin, John McCullough, Kassim Toueir and Nicholas Zammuto), The Frescoes of Mar Musa al-Habashi: A Study in Medieval Painting in Syria, Studies and Texts 139 (Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 2001), pp. 165, 178, 179.