Manbij: Paper Makers

Date: early Islamic period and until c. twelfth century (?)

Arabic: warrāq

Von Karabacek argues that the Greek name of this town (Bambyce) can be associated with a Greek term for a type of paper (Xartis bombykinos; and in Frankish sources, charta bambycina). The production of paper was moved to Damascus, probably around the twelfth century. Von Karabacek notes the presence of the term, charta bombycina sive Damascena (“Bombycina or Damascene paper”) in later sources. See also: Calligrapher; Qurʾan Scribe; Painter.

Citation: Von Karabacek, Josef, Arab Paper, trans. Don Baker and Suzy Dittmar (London: Don Baker Memorial Fund and Archetype, 2001 [translation of “Das arabische Papier”, Mitteilungen aus der Sammlung der Papyrus Erzherzog Rainer, 2/3, Vienna, 1887]), pp. 31, 36-40.