Hama: Paper Makers

Date: early Islamic period and until c. twelfth century (?)

Arabic: warrāq

Hama was a major centre for the production of paper, perhaps until the twelfth century. Papermaking appears to have been consolidated in Damascus in later centuries, but the link to Hama remains in the name for one type, al-ḥamawī. See also: Calligrapher; Qurʾan Scribe; Painter.

Citation: Von Karabacek, Josef, Arab Paper, trans. Don Baker and Suzy Dittmar (London: Don Baker Memorial Fund and Archetype, 2001 [translation of “Das arabische Papier”, Mitteilungen aus der Sammlung der Papyrus Erzherzog Rainer, 2/3, Vienna, 1887]), pp. 30-31, 52.