Glazed-Pottery Manufacturers


Date: Late twelfth-early thirteenth centuries

Reference is made in the preliminary report to the production in Balis of underglaze-painted stonepaste pottery … read more


From the last quarter of the nineteenth century onward there are published reports of glazed pottery having been recovered in the extra-mural area of the old city of Damascus between Bab Sharqi and Bab Kisan. Some of … read more

Maʿarrat al-Nuʿman

Date: Late eleventh century

A group of glazed ceramics said to come from the site of Tal Minis, near Maʿarrat al-Nuʿman, have been the subject of scientific analysis and art historical study. The Tal Minis group includes … read more


Date: c. 771-825

Extensive evidence for pottery manufacture has been found in the area of Tal Aswad (“black hill”), located north of al-Raqqa (ancient Kallinikos). The area was given over to industrial use around the time of the … read more