Glass Workers


Date: Thirteenth century

Yaqut (d. 1229) reports in his geographical encyclopaedia that fine, white sand was gathered from Jabal Bishr, located between Rusafa and Tadmur, for use in the glass industry of Aleppo … read more


Date: Twelfth to sixteenth centuries

The glass workshop (Masbak al-zujāj) was in within the walls of the Old City, east of Dār al-biṭṭīkh and north of the Kushk quarter. Information is drawn from the work of Ibn ʿAsakir (d. 1176), Ibn Shakir (d. 1363) … read more


Date: Late eighth century to c. 820

Excavations in the industrial zone between al-Raqqa (ancient Kallinikos) and the new Abbasid city of al-Rafiqa revealed a glass workshop, dating from the late eighth century through to c. 820. The workshop was … read more