Damascus: Sieve Makers

Arabic: Manākhiliyyīn

Date: Twelfth to sixteenth centuries

The maker of sieves used horsehair or wire, but never from cheesecloth. They had a market, east of the Sūq al-Ṭayr seed farmers market and after the market of the needle sellers. Information is drawn from the work of Ibn ʿAsakir (d. 1176),  al-Badri (d. 1503, al-Hadi (d. 1503), and al-Almawi (d. 1573). See also: Makers of cradles; Tanners; Carpenters.

Citation: Elisséeff, Nikita. “Corporations de Damas sous Nūr al-Dīn: Matériaux pour une topographie économique de Damas au XIIe siècle”, Arabica 3.1 (1956): p. 69.