Damascus: Makers of Earthenware Amphorae

Date: 1890s

Vital Cuinet (d. 1896) records that storage jars (amphorae) made of a fine, pale clay were produced in Damascus. Other sites manufacturing such vessels included Rushaya al-Fukhkhar and Hasbiyya. See also: Maker of earthenware vessels (qiṣṣāʿ); Maker of flowerpots (shaqīfātī).

Citation: Cuinet, Vital. Syrie, Liban et Palestine. Géographique, administrative, statistique, descriptive et raisonnée (Paris: Ernest Leroux, 1896), p. 364.

See also: Milwright, Marcus. “Written Sources and the Study of Pottery in Ottoman Bilad al-Sham”, al-Rafidan 30 (2009): p. 40.