Damascus: Woolen Yarn Makers

Date: Twelfth to sixteenth centuries

Theq al-ghazl was an ancient market, near a mosque and a water fountain. It has been moved some time since the reign of Nur al-Din (in Damascus, 1154-74). Nikita Elisséeff (d. 1997) writes that he could not locate either the old or the new market. Information is drawn from the work of Ibn ʿAsakir (d. 1176), Ibn Shakir (d. 1363), al-Hadi (d. 1503), and al-Almawi (d. 1573). See also: Goat wool producers; Wool merchants; Wool manufacturers; Wool spinners and Knitters; Wool Weavers; Dyers.

Citation: Elisséeff, Nikita. “Corporations de Damas sous Nūr al-Dīn: Matériaux pour une topographie économique de Damas au XIIe siècle”, Arabica 3.1 (1956): p. 75.