Damascus: Jug Makers

Arabic: Kūziyyīn

Date: Twelfth to the sixteenth centuries

The kūziyyīn made spouted jugs, water jars, terracotta jugs, and terracotta drainage pipes. These craftsmen worked in the southwest of the city, in Midān. Their location outside of the city is likely because of the kilns required for their craft. Information is drawn from the work of Ibn ʿAsakir (d. 1176), al-Nuʿaymi (d. 1521), al-Hadi (d. 1503), and al-Almawi (d. 1573). See also: Clay oven makers; Potters.

Citation: Elisséeff, Nikita. “Corporations de Damas sous Nūr al-Dīn: Matériaux pour une topographie économique de Damas au XIIe siècle”, Arabica 3.1 (1956): p. 69.