Damascus: Inlay Workers

Date: c. 1927-1990

Johannes Kalter visited a workshop prior to 1992 and found that most of the objects were bring produced for patrons in the Gulf States, Syrian hotels, and for other types of public and private building in the country. Items produced include metalwork for doors, ashtrays, inlaid lamps, and vases. The master craftsman’s mother and daughter were also artisans in the company. Inlay work could be provided in a range of styles. See also: Copper Founder; Copper Beater.

Citation: Kalter, Johannes, “Urban Handicrafts”, in Kalter, Johannes, Margareta Pavaloi, and Maria Zerrnickel, eds. The Arts and Crafts of Syria: Collection Antoine Touma and Linden-Museum Stuttgart (London and New York: Thames and Hudson, 1992), pp. 69-71, figs. 113-20.

Damascus: Inlay Workers, 1903