Damascus: Glass Blowers

Date: c. 1990

Johannes Kalter photographed glass blowers practicing their crafts in the Tekiye Suleymaniye in Damascus. See also: Potter; Maker of Lustre-Painted Pottery.

Citation: Kalter, Johannes, “Urban Handicrafts”, in Kalter, Johannes, Margareta Pavaloi, and Maria Zerrnickel, eds. The Arts and Crafts of Syria: Collection Antoine Touma and Linden-Museum Stuttgart (London and New York: Thames and Hudson, 1992), pp. 66, 101.


Date: c. 2000

Photograph by Gérard Degeorge showing a craftsman blowing glass. The workshop is probably located in the vicinity of the Tekkiye Mosque. See also: Glass painter; Glazed pottery manufacture.

Citation: Delpont, Éric (ed.), L’Orient de Saladin: l’art des Ayyoubides (Paris: Institut du Monde Arabe/Gallimard, 2001), photograph on p. 137.