Damascus: Coin Die Engravers (Coppers)

Date: Late seventh century (from at least 670s)

Pre-Reform copper coins minted in Damascus (Dimashq) include imitations of Byzantine copper issues and the ‘standing Caliph’ coins. Damascus also minted silver and gold coins. See also: Coin Die Engraver  (Silver); Coin Die Engraver  (Gold); Copper Beater (naḥḥās).

Citation: Album, Stephen and Tony Goodwin, Sylloge of Islamic Coins in the Ashmolean Museum, Volume 1: The Pre-Reform Coinage of the Early Islamic Period (London: Ashmolean Museum and Spink and Son Ltd., 2002), pp. 84, 86-88, 97 (and catalogue entries 560-76, 706-15).