Date: 1193-96

Two brothers, Abu ʿAbdallah and Abu al-Raja (sons of Yahya al-Jibrani) are recorded as having worked as stone-cutters and … read more


Date: 1202 and later

Ibrahim b. ʿAli b. Fuhayd is recorded on an inscription as having started work on the construction of one of the towers of the citadel of Busra in 599/1202 … read more


Date: 1107

An inscription dated to 500/1107 records that ʿUmar b. Husayn was responsible for the construction of a madrasa in the ʿAmara quarter of Damascus … read more


Date: 1134-35

An inscription records that Baqi b. Salim b. Asad was responsible for the construction of the minaret of the Congregational Mosque of Hama in 529/1134-35 … read more


Maʿarrat al-Nuʿman

Date: 1199

Two constructions, the minaret of the Congregational Mosque and a Shafiʿi madrasa (religious school) are attributed to Qahir b. ʿAli b. Qanit, and architect working for the … read more


Date: 1155-65

Ibn Mubarak is credited in an inscription with the completion of the castle of Masyaf, an Assassin stronghold in Syria. Another man, known as Qusta … read more


Date: 1177

An inscription records the construction in 573/1177 of a tower (burj) in Palmyra (Tadmur) by the Ayyubid Muhammad b. Shirkuh. This work was conducted by Ghanaʾim b. ʿAbd al-Wahhab … read more


Date: 1233

The ustādh (master) ʿAli is recorded in an inscription as having completed the construction of the castle of Shayzar in 630/1233. This was done for the Ayyubid sultan, Muhammad … read more