Aleppo: Spinners of Cotton

Date: 1750s-1770s

The extensive weaving industry was supported by women who spun the cotton thread used on the looms. Thread was spun at spare times between household tasks. Alexander Russell (d. 1768) observes that many women derived their principal income from this activity. See also: Weaver of Cotton; Weaver of Wool; Weaver of Silk; Dyer; Spinner of Silk.

Citation: Russell, Alexander. The Natural History of Aleppo, containing a Description of the City, and the principal natural Productions in its Neighbourhood. Together with an Account of the Climate, Inhabitants, and Diseases; particularly of the Plague, Second edition, revised, enlarged and illustrated by Patrick Russell (London: G. G. and J. Robinson, Pater-noster Row, 1794), I: p. 162.