Aleppo: Potters

Date: fifteenth century

Ibn al-Shihna (d. 1485) reports that outside the city walls of Aleppo was a “Khan of the Potteries” (khān al-fākhūra).

Citation: Ibn al-Shihna, Muhammad b. Muhammad, Les perles choisies d’Ibn ach-Chihna. Matériaux pour servir à l’histoire de la ville d’Alep, trans. Jean Sauvaget (Beirut: Institut Français de Damas, 1933), pp. 194-95.

See also: Milwright, Marcus. “Pottery in written Sources of the Ayyubid-Mamluk Period (c.567-923/1171-1517)”, Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 62.3 (1999): p. 506.


Date: 1750s-1770s

The poor quality clay around Aleppo was used for making jars. These vessels were apparently friable, easily falling apart. Better quality vessels were imported from other regions. See also: Mason; Maker of Ceramic Pipes; Burners of Limestone and Gypsum.

Citation: Russell, Alexander. The Natural History of Aleppo, containing a Description of the City, and the principal natural Productions in its Neighbourhood. Together with an Account of the Climate, Inhabitants, and Diseases; particularly of the Plague, Second edition, revised, enlarged and illustrated by Patrick Russell (London: G. G. and J. Robinson, Pater-noster Row, 1794), I: pp. 53-54.