Aleppo: Limestone and Gypsum Burners

Date: 1750s-1770s

Little limestone was burned in the region of Aleppo for reasons of cost. Lime plaster was used in building work and the laying of terraces. Stucco was made from the burning of gypsum. This material was used in the finishing of domestic spaces and for cementing small clay pipes in fountains. See also: Mason; Maker of Ceramic Pipes; Maker of Bricks.

Citation: Russell, Alexander. The Natural History of Aleppo, containing a Description of the City, and the principal natural Productions in its Neighbourhood. Together with an Account of the Climate, Inhabitants, and Diseases; particularly of the Plague, Second edition, revised, enlarged and illustrated by Patrick Russell (London: G. G. and J. Robinson, Pater-noster Row, 1794), I: p. 53.