Damascus: Paper Makers 

Arabic: warrāq

Date: c. 1435

In his treatise, Jawhar-i Simī, the librarian Simi Nishapuri notes that the best paper for calligraphy is produced in Damascus, Samarqand, Baghdad and Amul. Colours include yellow, dark red, light red, blue, verdigris, natural, and straw. White paper is not desirable as it is ‘hard on the eyes’. See also: Calligrapher; Felt Maker; Engraver of Seal Rings

Citation: Thackston, Wheeler, ‘Treatise on Calligraphic Arts: A Disquisition on Paper, Colours, Inks, and Pens by Simi of Nishapur’, in Michel Mazzaoui and Vera Moreen (eds), Intellectual Studies on Islam: Essays written in Honour of Martin B. Dickson (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1990), pp. 221-23.